Cake Pops!




So what can I say about these little bombs of bliss…

I love making cake pops for events and kid birthday parties.  They are delightful, petite and gone in two bites.  It kind of makes me feel thin to just eat one of these little balls of sweetness… but I can never just eat one. UUUUGGGHHHH!!!

These gold dusted beauties were made using the traditional techniques of the fabulous Bakerella.

So here’s how I make it mine:

  • vanilla cake crumbs
  • vanilla buttercream or 1 tub of store bought vanilla frosting
  • white candy wafers
  • white candy sticks
  • edible gold dust

Click POPCOSMO and follow their simple tutorial to make your own awesome cake pops.

**After the cake pops completely dries, dab some water on it.  Then sprinkle the gold dust onto the top of the pop.


Simply That!!

bite gold glitter cake pop

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