Red Velvet


Yay!!! Red Velvet…

So I started making red velvet cake about 10 years ago when I saw a Martha Stewart show on southern sweets. I quickly went to the supermarket to gather all my ingredients so I can get started.  As you may know sometimes you might try a recipe and it just flops.  Well, after about the seventh batch I was ready to give up.  Just then I decided that I was going to use the traditional contents but customize to my preference.   So after three more batches the moisture became spongy and the color more vibrant, at that point I knew this was going to be my go to cake to make for all my Girls Night In Dates.  Combined with a traditional CREAM CHEESE FROSTING, it has yet to disappoint.

 This special little cake here was for my special little Guy (he’s almost taller than me).  He loves red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting just as much as I do.  Since it’s his fav, I knew I didn’t want to cover up that gorgeous color with fondant… so naked it is.  

So here’s how I made it mine:

  • The “Yay” topper
  • Gold glitter pendant banner
  • Striped paper straws

*All were purchased from Hobby Lobby

**For all my urban jungle homies, Hobby Lobby is a craft store thats mostly found in country suburbia.

Simply That!!

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