Special Delivery


Knotted Baby Bibs
Pacifier Clip-ons
Snuggle Blanky


So my best friend since high school is having a baby. Yay!! Now I have an excuse to make some handmade baby gear which I love.  Out of all my years studying fashion, the countless pattern making classes, eveningwear draping hours; if I had to pick just one last thing to sew on this earth it would be baby gear. I get a high just knowing that this little bundle of cuteness will be cuddling up with something that I stitched together.

Its AmazeBalls!!

My motto is; if I’m going to gift a baby item it must be cute, unusual, and functional. Blankets are my goto number one thing to sew up(look out for that post), then I start thinking of easy everyday items that I can put my own twist on.  But the key word is easy.

So here’s how I make it mine:

*if you visit my Baby Gear Pinterest Board you’ll find tons of ideas.

  • All the fabric was purchased at Jo-Ann Fabrics. I love walking through these aisle and seeing all the different prints in their quilting section.
  • For the Knotted Bib tutorial
  • For the Pacifier Clip tutorial (what we Puerto Ricans call “BO-BO”)
  • So for the Snuggle Blanky, I just simply cut 2 squares out of fabric, sewed them together all around the edges.  Then I stitched it a cute little plush I purchased at a baby store.


Simply That!

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