Drip Drop



So I was doing a Instagram search for “trendy cakes” and came across this awesome technique of Drip Cakes.  Now, the traditional ganache drip has been around supermarket bakery cakes for the longest.  Until I came across this Badass cake designer Katherine Sabbath.  She blew up Instagram with her own #katherinesabbath making neon drip cakes topped with anything found in a candy store.  Her view of color and technique makes my eyes pop out and mouth water all at the same time.  

(deep voice: “Yasss Darling”)

So I tried my hand at creating a version of her ice cream cone cake.  I topped mine with these vibrant sixlets that I love.  Since I frost my cakes upside down, I had an idea to try to drip the chocolate up instead of down.  I used my sixlets again and some neon pink chocolate shards.  I love a simple design and a simple technique.  Can’t wait to do it again!!

Simply That!!


Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 9.39.04 AM

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