Popcorn Cupcakes (fake Out)


So I had a movie themed birthday party and decided to make some popcorn cupcakes.  I did a search for marshmallow popcorn and the results were melted marshmallows over popcorn like popcorn balls (💭: Dang, that sounds good).  Then I found some popcorn cupcakes, but they were just mini marshmallows throne on to a cupcake.  Not great for presentation or a real look.  So here’s a tutorial on how I made my mini marshmallows look like popcorn.  Hope you try it.

So here’s how I made them:

  • 1 bag of mini marshmallow (yields for 18 cupcakes)
  • kitchen scissors
  • ziploc bag
  • yellow luster or petal dust
  • brown petal dust
  • Popcorn Cupcake Tutorial:
Snip the mini marshmallow horizontally. Do not cut through all the way.
Twist the marshmallow around once and apply gooey to gooey together.
Snip the bottom half of the marshmallow 3x…
…or 4.
Fluff up the top part.
Put all your mini marshmallows in a plastic baggie.
Sprinkle in some Yellow Luster dust and/or petal dust.
Shake It, Shake It, Shake It!!
Apply the marshmallows to the frosted cupcakes. With a small paint brush, apply brown petal dust to the inner cuts/ bottom marshmallow.


Simply That!!

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