1st Birthday Party







*preview: I beat myself up every time I cover a cake with fondant and then it cracks (@!%$#😝).

So you may know by now that I have a mortal enemy called fondant.  It loves to torment me every time I attempt to cover a beautiful delicious frosted cake.  I’ve taken so many classes and practiced so many times and it still doesn’t come out right.
“I’m Perfectly, Imperfect”

Ok so I’m trying not to be so hard on myself.  So let me try and hook this up by doing some fondant cutouts.  This cake was inspired by a one year old onesie my friend ordered for her son’s birthday. It had polka dot suspenders and a red bow tie.  I decided to design a party hat on the top tier hoping that he would just grab it and yank it off.

Perfect.  Makes it all worth it.

Made by me!!  Simply that!!

**P.S. words to live by:

I Can & I Will.   -Gina Rodriguez


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