Sequin Maxi Skirt






So what can I say about my love sequins… the shine makes me happy.  


I first fell in love with sequins in high school when our class assignment was to visit The Museum of FIT to view the legendary Bob Mackie collections.  He is most famous for designing gowns for Cher.  Her shows, concerts and public appearances from the 60’s to the 90’s were all Mackie creations.  It was so magical when I walked in, so much so that it lid a fire in my creative bubble that lives with me till this day.  I swear when I die I want to be buried in Sequins. 

Which brings me back to this beauty… this skirt is super versatile.  I wore it this year for New Years with a button down and a pair of heels or you can totally throw on a pair of adidas with a t-shirt and leather jacket for a daytime look.  Now, I want to see you make one and Slay the Sidewalk.  

So here’s how I made it mine:


Simply That!!

❤️ Buenø

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