Flower Bouquet Topper






So I was watching my new obsession and new youtube baking channel How To Cake It.   Yolanda Gampp gives free recipes and tutorials on how to create the most elaborate and detailed cakes.  From character cakes to the most scrumptious cake combinations and gorgeous creations.  This channel is really a must watch.  But I have to say the reason why I watch every week is because of her cool attitude and spunky energy.  She makes you laugh while she creates, comedy and cake go hand and hand.

As for this cake, being that Mother’s Day is coming soon, I thought I’d show you a cake I did for my wedding anniversary inspired by one of Yolanda’s videos.  It’s a Naked cake made up of  Vanilla Velvet cake batter, baked in  two 6 inch round pans.  I cut my layers a little thin to create the five you see here.  Then I frosted with my whipping cream and let it setup.  Now is the best part, arranging the bouquet.  First I started with the largest ones all around then worked my way around with inserting the smaller ones and berries.  Finally I finished it off with the greenery.  Wouldn’t  this be a great idea to give Mom a nice bouquet and something sweet to eat.

El Fin!!

 So here’s how I make it mine:

  • Vanilla Velvet 6″cake
  • non-dairy whipped topping
  • mixed bouquet of seasonal flowers and greenery


 Simply That!!

Somebody’s shady little hand was swiping some frosting.

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