I got you Babe…

Baby Cardigan


Baby Cardigan with Pants


Lining of Baby Cardigan


Onesie with matching Patch Pocket



Baby Top with pants and matching headband


Baby Booties


So here’s what I decided to sew up while my best friend had her bun in the oven.  I used a Simplicity pattern that offered a complete set of baby items such as: Jacket, Onesie, Top, Pants, Booties & even a blanket.  The pants and headband was a pattern I self drafted.  Fabric searching was a little difficult ‘cuz I was looking for something out of the ordinary.  I am a big believer in gifting baby items that are not just pink or blue.  So I purchased all these fabrics from JoAnn’s.  They’re super soft knits in an eclectic print and a touch of metallic dots.  The booties were made from a scrap of textured vinyl that was in the stash.

So here’s how I made it mine:

Simply That!!

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