DIY Army Green Jumpsuit

IMG_2761 - Version 2







So I made it to Challenge 2  for Pretty Girls SewRippin’ Ain’t Easy ” Sewing Competition.   For the 2nd Challenge- Military Inspired, design a jumpsuit using McCall Pattern M7330 and give some utility charm.  So my initial design was to create the jumpsuit using denim, but I knew I wouldn’t get the fit I needed.  Off to the stash I went only to find some olive green printed silk that I purchased from my local fabric store.  I remember rummaging threw the big remnant bin to find 4 yards of this beauty.  For the details, I added a tailoring hem to the pant and sleeves to imitate a roll up.  Also,  I opened the back to show fluidity in the fabric and lastly, I elongated the front pocket to add the pleated details. Also a lot of hand stitching went into this jumpsuit due to the fabric being so slick, there was no way top stitching was an option.  

So head over to @prettygirlssew on Instagram to view the entries and visit to cast your vote for the sewing competition on March 26th 2016.

Thanks Gal Pals,


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