Kids in the Kitchen

🎼 I wish that could be like the cool kids…🎶

  So there’s always a rare accurence when my kid is interested in any of the hobbies that I love. Out of the blue she said she wanted to make a cake.  So I jumped at the opportunity and decided to let her take the lead on this one from the recipe to the photos (my kid is so cool😎).  I didn’t want to take over on her creation so I’ve learned when guiding your child in the kitchen you need to Jedi mind trick them.  Expect the mess ‘cuz no one is perfect especially the little ones.

Small Kid: “I want chocolate, sprinkles, bananas, strawberries, vanilla, blueberries…(4 minute ingredient list)”

Mom: “Well less is more and simple is best.  Would you mix a slice of pizza and broccoli with orange juice in a mixer and eat it?”

Small Kid: “YUCK, NO 😝!”

Mom: “So whats your favorite cake?”  and so it begins.

So here’s how she made it hers:

So she chose to bake up a vanilla cake recipe with sprinkles added in the batter.  A vanilla  frosting made from a non-dairy whipped topping.  Then we leveled, sorted and filled the layers.  Next, she used a small angled spatchla to spread the frosting around to cover the cake.  Now for the design, she decided she wanted to make a rainbow with sprinkles.  The problem was she wanted to separate a bottle of rainbow sprinkles into individual colors.  I know I’m all about the details, but I wasn’t going that far.  So the next best thing was cereal. She sat at the table and separated fruity pebbles to makes her rainbow. Topped it off with these special little pony figures.  Now for the pictures, (here’s where her personality really came out) she wanted me to take pics of her holding the cake and taking a lick of the frosting.  Something I would of never thought of doing.

I’m super proud of her, now if I can get her behind a sewing machine…

Simply That!!












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