Marble Fondant Cake

So my cakery bestie is having a baby… and I was asked to make her cake for her baby shower. 😟 What kind of cake can I make for a cake decorator genis?

So I did a search on Instagram and Youtube, it was too overwhelming with too many ideas. I then headed over to HER Pinterest page and BAM, I got it.  There I saw a marble wedding cake and thought I would give it a try.


So here’s how made it mine:

First I baked up some cake layers in a hexagon cake pan, I like the geometric shape.  Next I  iced the cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and set to chill.  Then I worked on my fondant (gulp).  I started working the white and black fondant by rolling them together, then covering the cake.  Then I highlighted some black spots using some gold highlighter mixed with a little vodka.  For the topper I added a couple of mini fondant succulents.

Simply That!!


*If you would like to see a tutorial and learn how to make it yours, let me know in the comments below. Thanks for visiting.


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