Kids Clear Raincoat



So my little monster and I went shopping and something caught her eye. “Mom, Itsa clear raincoat.” It looked so cute as she wore it around the store pretending she was splashing into puddles of water.  On my way to the register, I asked her to take off the coat and put it back on the rack. “Mom, I need this”, she said with her whining voice.  “I came to get what I need”, strong Mom voice, “I could make you a jacket just like this.” Kid starring at me with a face, “You always say that. You can’t make this, Its plastic not fabric”.  Well I don’t know about you but that felt like a challenge for me that I was willing to accept.  Little did she know, we were taking  a ride to the fabric store.

In the end, the coat was pretty easy to cutout, a bit more difficult to pin and sew together.  Every time I would try to put it through the machine to sew it, the vinyl would stick to the presser foot and wouldn’t guide it through.  So every seam was sewn with satin hemming tape.  It served two purposes, 1. It helped the vinyl pass through the machine. 2. The hemming tape prevented the coat from scratching her while she wore it.  Another warning, just like anything vinyl, if you make a mistake sewing a seam and want to take it out, the holes from your previous stitching will show.  So be Careful. I think I’ll make another raincoat out of neon clear vinyl and add some pockets.  I love how it turned out and she loves wearing it even if its not raining.

Pattern: Simplicity 8305 ,View: C (extended length), Fabric: Lightweight (12 gauge) Clear Vinyl

Alterations: 1. Added a plastic zipper to the length of the center front. 2. Three packages of single fold satin hemming tape 1″ wide.





clear raincoat BBH





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