That Black Cookie

“As seen in Sewn Magazine”


If you’re new to the world of cookies then decorating those freshly baked treats with royal icing can seem a bit difficult. You need to get the perfect consistency, pipe careful and intricate details and then wait hours upon hours for them to dry.
But, you don’t have to mess with royal icing to get amazing personalized chic cookies. You can make your treats beautiful with the fun of fondant. It’s oh so simple! To find out how I made these just read on!


• Template printout
• 2” cookie cutter
• Silicone fondant mold
• Good quality paint brush
• Small fondant rolling pin
• Colored fondant(for this tutorial i am using -black, -white)
• Cornstarch to dust surface
Freshly baked cookies (Don’t have time to bake, then purchase from your local bakery)

Begin by dusting your cutting surface with a bit of cornstarch. Then roll out your (white)fondant to a good thickness – around 1/4” works well. Using the 2” cookie cutter cut out your fondant shape.  Then put aside to dry and set.Buenofondantcookie4.png


If personalizing your cookies; trace the lines of your template onto another color (black)of fondant using a pointed tip sculpting tool. Don’t have one, don’t worry cover the point of a pencil with some tape or use a knitting needle.Buenofondantcookie6.png Buenofondantcookie7A.pngSTEP 3:
Now carefully cutout your fondant using a sharp pairing knife or razor. Place a little dab of water onto the back of your fondant cutout. Carefully flip and lay on top of your circle.
For the fondant mold, dust the silicone mold with some cornstarch to prevent sticking. Press the fondant into molds and roll over it with small fondant roller. Use an off set spatula of a sharp knife greased with shortening to cut off excess fondant and turn over the mold to remove it. Brush back of fondant lightly with water and attach to cookie.Buenofondantcookie8.pngBuenofondantcookie9.png

If you want to glitter glam your cookies add luster dust to your fondant shapes. With a soft paint brush or makeup brushes, what I like to use(I only use them on fondant), lightly dust your fondant piecesBuenofondantcookie10.png


Using fondant to decorate cookies is a great way to  achieve some fabulous textures and designs – especially if you’re going to personalize them! Adding patterns, stitching details or embellishments is just the beginning with this handy technique! Create gorgeous cookies that’ll make your family and friends GAG!!😋



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