Do It All Denim Apron

~Do It All Denim Apron~
Holla!!! Where all my Doers at?!!!
Hey Gal Pals, its Bueno to be back with another DIY for all the crafts, baking, and sewing you are creating in life. I don’t know about you but when I am making and baking I love to wear an apron so my hands get messy, just not my clothes. I just don’t like it when the apron tends to sag around my neck. So to fix this problem I’m creating crossback straps that won’t sag making it comfortable for long hours at the work bench or sewing table. I added leather accents for extra detail and to reinforce some overall buckets to the straps. Also it has lots of deep pockets and a leather strap to hold a hand towel. A soft Denim weight is usually a first choice when it comes to creating something durable yet comfortable. Overtime as the denim wears in a patina will start to show which gives it a vintage appearance.

So here’s how I fixed a regular denim apron to fit my needs:
Added crossback straps using cotton scraps.
Added overall buckles with leather reinforcements.
Shortened and hemmed the bottom. Used the scraps to create a pencil pocket.
Added extra large eyelets
Added leather towel strap
Embroidered #makerandbaker onto the pocket using the CLOVER “Kantan Couture” Bead Embroidery Tool (*little trick- use freezer paper to make an iron-on template)











Ok Peeps,
If you are making these goodies let me see. Post a pic using #makerandbaker

❤️ Bueno

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