Hey there, sweet pals! Its Maribel Bueno, here of Brooklyn Built Her! I’m a 30-something living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC. I like to think of myself as a proud home baker, fashion maker, and passionate creative (#makerandbaker).

I’ve always been a self-confessed sprinkle-covered, sticky-fingered, bake-aholic! Any spare moment would be spent mixing, rolling, piping, dusting (not to be confused with the housework kind), ganaching, sprinkling and of course, taste-testing! My love for experimenting with new flavors and dessert concepts led me to what I like to call, “The Cake Life”.

If I’m not in the kitchen, you best believe you can find me waist deep in a fabric pile trying to create garments that express my love for street style.  Whether its ready to wear, special occasion or even athliesure, I’m always seeing and imagining how to put it together.  My love for creating clothing stems back as far as a little girl sitting by my mother’s side watching her work a sewing machine.

After attending FIT I left with a degree in Patternmaking/Techinical Designer. A passion for teaching arose and I became a Fashion Design Instructor at a private High School. Now I spent my time raising two awesome little monsters, and caking ALL the time (its a swell life). I’m truly blessed!! 🙏🏼

I’m happiest when making thoughtful, unique and delicious cakes and handmade garments for loved ones, friends and family. I enjoy learning new techniques and am passionate about sharing my creative ideas with others.

My blog is mostly about sharing my tutorials, inspiring other makers and bakers, and get more involved with the wonderful gal pals of the online sewing and DIY community.
I’m absolutely in love with everything related to sewing and baking.

Fun Facts:

What do I do best?

Patternmaking / Cake Designing / Baking  / DIY Addict / Dressmaker / Photography / Art / Carpentry / Maker / Recipes / Lists

What makes me happy?

Brooklyn Born&Bred / Wife / Mother / Sequins / Gold / River View / French Fries / Chocolate / Coffee / All Music / Simple Living




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